Features & Benefits LIS



Using as a pattern the enhanced data management, the clean & adaptive user interface and the strong security system of sLis Enterprise® Platform, the LIS Module incorporates a numerous list of advanced features, giving the appropriate answers to important issues concerning the medical and administrative work procedures of a clinical laboratory department:

sLis   Quick and simple test ordering, using graphical panels organized by any Lab entity with simultaneous printing of any necessary documents / labels (e.g. barcoded specimen labels, requisition papers, referring letters etc.)

sLis   Time-scheduled results delivery,  defined per order/ test

sLis   Automatic invoicing per test, based to unlimited pricelists and Insurance Organization’s special contracts and easily adapted to financial procedures of the organization

sLis   Configurable workload analysis & real time monitoring of pending processes

sLis   Explicit & robust instrument communications development with easily configurable system parameters

sLis   Reviewing and confirming results procedures, based to user defined criteria according to his role, seconded by patient archive, QC results & Delta check methods

sLis   Unbounded capabilities on design & generating of result reports & transmissions

sLis   Information & statistics generator for all the medical & financial/billing patient data

Key Benefits

sLis Enterprise® LIS Module is a complete solution, designed and developed by Infomed software engineer team, expertized and experienced in health informatics market in order to:

sLis   Improve the procedures and the everyday routine operations of clinical Lab, allowing health professionals to easily, promptly and securely handle, archive and distribute any medical and financial data related to the patient

sLis   Be adapted in any health unit, from a small private laboratory to a complex, multisite, multilingual clinical laboratory installation

sLis   Combine in the same working environment the total required functionality and operations from the medical services ordering to the state-of-the-art analyzers’ handling and from the financial-invoicing management to the release and distribution of patients results

sLis   Fully integrate with all the known HIS/ERP/CIS of the market, adapting with reliability the HL7 protocol, using the embedded interfacing application

sLis   Provide process efficiency via streamlined, easily configurable data edit & review procedures

sLis   Enable enhanced reporting via the embedded report generator & the ad-hoc query builder tool

sLis   Incorporate the automate distribution of results via native e-mail & fax server

sLis   Allow remote access via sLis Enterprise® web module, encouraging interactions with referring doctors and senders from any location

sLis   Support the accreditation process, establishing organization SOP’s, a full system for sample traceability & storage and a detailed recording for any user action