Features & Benefits RIS



Using as a pattern the enhanced data management, the clean & adaptive user interface and the strong security system of sLis Enterprise® Platform, the RIS Module incorporates a numerous list of advanced features, giving the appropriate answers to important issues of medical and administrative staff of a radiology department:

sLis   Fully customizable, rules based, multi-site scheduling

sLis   Graphical, easy to use  ordering panels

sLis   Streamlined workflow procedures adapted to user tasks and working instructions

sLis   User defined, task-oriented worklists based on the available resources

sLis   Browsing, searching procedures and statistics  filtered by modality/resources

sLis   Import images from external sources and storage possibility to the patient archive

sLis   Consumables control management – Full tracking during the examination

sLis   Native voice dictation supported by all microphone models, allows the diagnosis recording and playback without any additional integration

sLis   Critical results alert notification and special management

sLis   Easy access and review of patient archive, clinical diagnosis, images from external sources, dictation playback and text processing via the embedded word processor from one centralized and unique application screen

Key Benefits

RIS Module is a complete solution, designed and developed by Infomed software engineer team, expertized and experienced in health informatics market in order to:

sLis   Improve the procedures and the everyday routine operations of radiological Lab, allowing health professionals to easily, promptly and securely handle, archive and distribute any medical and financial data related to the patient

sLis   Be adapted in any health unit, from a small radiology lab to a complex, multisite diagnostic center

sLis   Combine in the same working environment the total required functionality and operations from the appointment booking to the medical services ordering and from the financial-invoicing management to the release and distribution of patients results

sLis   Communicate and cooperate with all the known PACS of the market, adapting with reliability HL7 protocol, using the embedded interfacing application

sLis   Support planning optimization based on available staff/equipment resources and organization business rules via a graphical user-friendly interface

sLis   Provide process efficiency via streamlined data edit & review procedures

sLis   Enable enhanced fully customizable reporting of patient results

sLis   Incorporate the automate distribution of results via native e-mail & fax server

sLis   Allow remote access via sLis Enterprise® web module, encouraging interactions with referring doctors and senders from any location