Products’ Chronicle

1993: The first company’s product was “Info-Nuclear”, a Nuclear Medicine Laboratory Information System.

1994: “Nuclear Medicine Imaging” (NMI), an integrated hardware/software system that could interconnect γ-cameras and PC’s to acquire and process nuclear medicine studies.

1996: “InfoDiag”, a flexible yet fully functional LIS/LIMS for the diagnostic market, became rapidly a ‘hit’ for the laboratories and was installed in over than 180 sites.

2002: “sLis Enterprise” was launched at the market. A modern LIS/LIMS/RIS platform that provides great functionality, full customization capabilities and advanced technology.

2006: “sLis Enterprise” leadership in Greece was already a fact, with more than 50% of the Private Labs and a big number of installations in Public and Private Hospitals Laboratories as well as in social insurance organizations.

2008: Infomed C.S. starts exporting “sLis Enterprise” and is expanding its installation base in Europe. The company completes installations in Cyprus and shortly after in the United Kingdom and in cooperation with our local distributor in Serbia.


2009: RIS module has been added to the “sLis Enterprise” platform, covering the radiology department following the high level specifications of the main application.

2011: Important installations of “sLis Enterprise” have been effected in Russia and Libya with great success, placing our product and our company in these markets.

2012: Two new products “Lab@Link” and “Lab@xpert”, launched to the market in order to cover the needs of the analytical and industrial laboratories, using the technology and the mass experience of “sLis Enterprise” platform.

2013: WEB Laboratory Information Centre module has been added to the “sLis Enterprise” Suite, establishing new capabilities for remote users via a web browser .