Radiology Information System (RIS)


Radiology Information System (RIS)

The coherent solution to the essential needs of the modern Radiological Laboratory

Radiological Labs today encounter new and more complicate challenges in today’s healthcare sector. The demands for integration of new technologies, better methods of diagnosis and prompt monitoring of the patients archive are growing every day, while at the same time must be achieved an effective cost reduction.

The ever increased capability of financial data analysis as well as the rationalization of the Lab human resources and infrastructure, are critical factors for the commercial viability of the health units.

Private but also public domains have to adopt new workflow procedures and competent management tools, in order to improve the productivity and quality of their offered services and at the same time to maintain the efficient control of their financial position.

Under this necessity of the market, Infomed C.S. designed, developed and supports sLis Enterprise® RIS Module, adding one more high-tech application in its software platform, already successfully installed in the Diagnostic Laboratories during the last decades, in Greece and abroad.

RIS Module based on sLis Enterprise® Platform acts either as a stand-alone Radiology Information System or as a part of an LIS/RIS integrated solution, providing a unique, robust & user friendly environment to the Lab professionals.