Lab Inventory Management (LIM)


Lab Inventory Management (LIM)

Over half of the laboratories worldwide waste money on duplicate orders and the majority of the labs are not efficiently managed. With sLis Enterprise Inventory Management Module you can manage orders and inventory and improve your lab’s efficiency. sLis Enterprise Inventory Management Module offers accurate, real-time inventory. The Inventory Management Module tracks your reagents, tubes, stock supply and offers re-order alerts.


sLis   Establish unlimited numbers of materials and categories

LIMS users can establish an unlimited number of material types at any laboratory location. If business change in the future, LIMS can create new product types to go along with the new business practices.

sLis   Track Inventory

Daily tracking of inventory is giving managers an up-to-the-minute value of materials stored in the laboratory. The module manages a repository of reagents, vaccines, blood products, and many other resources used routinely in the lab environment.

sLis   Inventory Reports

Inventory Manager can produce inventory reports using the information recorded for inventory purposes. These reports can be for specific locations, species, and time periods, including detailed transaction history.

sLis   Manage and update laboratory inventories

Inventory Module also updates lab items entry in real-time to avoid last minute surprises or outages and costly urgent orders.

sLis   Automate your ordering process

The sLis Enterprise Inventory Module reorganizes and automates the purchasing and reordering system.

With sLis Enterprise advanced Inventory module you can easily specify and customize your materials with Code and description, Supplier code, Barcode, specify packaging units and set Panic Limits for each material for the application to warn the users when this limit is reached.


sLis  Helps laboratory never run out of stock

sLis  Performs laboratory instrument maintenance

sLis  Manages deliveries with suppliers

sLis  Implements Lab Reagents & Kits inventory management

sLis  Automatic indenting for the material required, based on the consumption

sLis  Reviews reagent and consumable usage and inventory on a daily basis

sLis  Calculates proper supply amounts and sets up consistent order timing

sLis  Clarifies usage habits and tracks reagent needs across multiple sites and analyzers

sLis  Streamlines and predictably schedules calibrator management to save time

sLis  Frees time for value-add activities that address patient needs

sLis  Reduces inventory and order handling

You can check your materials’ balance instantly, create functional user and management reports, and apply alerts for re-ordering easily with minimal effort.