Invoicing & Contract Management (ICM)


Invoicing & Contract Management (ICM)

sLis Enterprise Financial and Billing expansions allow the laboratory professional to manage the entire billing and payment features of their activities and create state of the art statistical and billing reports that match the laboratory and management professional needs.  They offer a flexible price schedule definition and enable enhanced focus on customer needs. sLis Enterprise Financial expansion automate billing processing and streamlines collections and offer marketing tools thus greatly reducing the time spent on standard flow and allows billing and accounting personnel to focus on improving collection of problem

Invoicing, Massive Invoicing and Contract Modules

sLis   Customer customizable invoices including balance and charges history analysis, history balance, detailed services, participation when in insurance coverage, discounts etc.

sLis  Different electronic formats for invoices allow interfacing to customer electronic systems

sLis  Customizable information completion reports for customers

sLis  Managerial reports display laboratory billing status for payer groups including projected return values for each payer group

sLis  Ability to change the Insurance Organization of a Patient per visit.

sLis  Ability to select which Tests of a Patient’s Visit are covered by the Insurance Organization and which are privately – with automatic modification of the prices accordingly.

sLis  Supervision – financial data management of the Senders.

sLis  Reminder for amounts due from past visits.

sLis  Immediate access to the Billing Card of each Patient.

sLis  Consistency with the International Laws.


sLis  Superior revenue apprehension and growth

sLis  Precise billing – avoid rejection of payments

sLis  Decrease the number of days of outstanding payments through quicker start and more accurate apprehension and handling of exceptions

sLis  Automation of procedures allows laboratory personnel to focus on exploiting revenue through better coverage of insurance claims

sLis  Reduced need for manual interventions

sLis  Connection with fiscal and custom billing interfaces