Quality Control (QC)


Quality Control  (QC)

sLis Enterprise Quality Control Module offers the laboratories unequalled capabilities in ensuring laboratory result accuracy and conforms with the international quality assurance standards.  Using state of the art technology sLis Enterprise Quality Control Module supports internationally recognized standards such as LEVEY JENNINGS and Westgard Rules as well as offering many unique features.  The sLis Enterprise Quality Control Module is fully integrated with sLis Enterprise.


sLis Fully integrated in sLis Enterprise, automatic extraction of QC results from CommServer (analyzers interface)

sLis User defined control limits and targets according to manufacturer or laboratory

sLis Visual representation (user defined) Westgard rules

sLis Automatic and manual approval of the QC results

sLis Support of comments and visual representation on graphs (e.g. incidents like “Broken Needle”)

sLis LEVEY-JENNINGS, EWMA and Cumulative Sum graphical interface

sLis Graphical representation of multiple Tests QC results one after the other for comparison

sLis External QC interface for national and international QC programs


sLis Full control of the controls and test procedures

sLis Instrument integration for data collection automation

sLis Workflow management

sLis Traced and calculated clinical outcome through the online results analysis

sLis Laboratory fully logs all controls, results, and incidents of analyzers

sLis Automatic results reduction & flagging

sLis Various export formats

sLis Conforms to national and international regulatory reviews

sLis Organization-wide regularization of processes

With its incredibly functional interface the Quality Control Module offers instant accessibility to QC results and incidents with graphical and textual representation