Results Delivery & Reminder MGMT (RDR)


Results Delivery & Reminder MGMT (RDR)

The health situation worldwide is changing rapidly due to changing disease patterns, technological progresses, and patient-doctor anticipations. Clinical labs play a very important role in the diagnostic stage of healthcare.   There is very swift change in technology in lab sciences and costs of setting up and managing the labs are increasing.  Any delay in giving test results or unreliable results could have adverse implications on patients’ health. Clinical labs need to capitalize more on medical and information technology, employ technically qualified staff, and closely monitor the lab operations in order to meet the increasing expectations from both the clinicians and the patients for a quick turnaround time for reliable test results. Success of labs in future would also increasingly depend on selecting proper markets and marketing strategies to provide services at reasonable prices.

FAX and Email Server Modules

sLis  Send all results by FAX

With sLis Enterprise FAX Server Module you can define many FAX modems per laboratory directly to the patient, to the referring doctor, to a designated hospital or clinic fax number or manually to a specified number.  It can be set up to do this in automatic manner when the result reports are finalized, whenever you print in Batch mode or you can fax a single report at a time.

sLis  Results Email Delivery Service 

Back in the past, when you printed a set of reports, the lab manager looked them over and signed them before they left the lab.  Infomed has a new, fast, electronic method of giving a lab manager an overview and sign-off of the work that has been done. The sLis Enterprise Email Server Module provides instant access of results sending to patients, doctors and clinics automatically, manually and in batch mode according to the laboratory’s needs.

When in manual mode, the user can easily select the delivery method, email address, fax number (as stored in the clients details) and just press a button to send it to the recipient.

SMS Notifications & Internal Message Exchange

sLis SMS Alerts for Collection of Results sLis Enterprise Ready Results Auto Reminder (SMS/email) Module provides extremely flexible functionality for notifying patients for their results.  By just selecting the subject, the time scale as of when to send the results after they are validated, the patients are automatically notified by either email or SMS for receiving their results from the lab.

sLis  Internal Message Exchanging sLis Enterprise Text Messaging allows the users on our application to send messages to one another. Messages can be sent to all users, or to specific individuals. It’s not e-mail — it only works within sLis Enterprise, on LAN workplaces within your lab — but it works similarly to e-mail.

Results Delivery Management

sLis Enterprise Results Delivery Protocol Module allows the laboratory to fully control and manage the results to be delivered, in electronic or paper format, printouts and emails, fax or even the delivery to external systems (such as HIS).  The module displays the status of the results and of the delivery methods, the current balance of the visits as selected by user selectable criteria.  It offers the ability to massively send, print or preview the results as displayed on the grid.