Sample Storage Module (SSM)

Sample Storage Module (SSM)

sLis Enterprise Sample Storage Module offers advanced new tools and user-interface improvements that expand laboratory process planning, management and automation. Workflow abilities simplify implementation, letting lab personnel to easily track specimens/samples and create custom storage locations according to the laboratory needs in the module itself.  Sample Storage Module sets decision making power where it should be, in the hands of users who can make logical choices about workflow, instrument integration and data reporting for management metrics or regulatory requirements.


sLis   Simplifies management tasks by tracking any item, batch or sample

sLis  Enhances compliance giving improved traceability and accountability by auditing all actions

sLis  Positively identifies the current sample location, owner and connects it directly to a patient

sLis  Tracks relationships between samples, sub-samples, aliquots and derivatives

sLis  Automatically allocates tasks and tests to samples as they are registered

sLis  Enhances available information through standard set of reports

sLis  Easily upgraded to full sLis Enterprise functionality

sLis  Barcode ready

sLis  Tree-view Inventory: Track any number of fridges, tanks, shelves, racks, boxes, and user-defined custom containers in a familiar tree-view interface.  Buildings and room locations are also available in the tree-view.

The Sample Storage modules allows easy customization of the storage locators and offers enhanced search capabilities for easily tracking specimens around the various laboratory locations


sLis  Collection, storage and processing of samples

sLis  Collection, processing and management

sLis  Management, tracking, locating and consignment of hazardous waste (e.g. radioactive, bio-hazard chemical)

sLis  Tracking, recording and reporting on the location and usage of re-usable containers through a production and test process

sLis  Location of retained samples or stability samples and associated records

sLis  Finding environmental, tissue or seed samples stored in rooms, fridges and freezers

sLis  Eliminate errors by using a unique identifier for every item, batch or sample.

sLis  Quick retrieval of samples from any storage location.

sLis  Chain-of-custody tracking for each sample.

sLis  Simplifies inventory management.

sLis  Saves time by providing immediate feedback on item location and work progress.

The sLis Enterprise Sample Storage Module be configured to track re-usable containers though any laboratory process. By allocating a unique identifier to each container and storing information you can ensure that the correct containers are used when collecting the samples, avoiding cross-contamination, mislabeling and incorrect  handling.