Scheduler & Reminder Notes (SRN)


Scheduler & Reminder Notes (SRN)

Scheduler empowers the laboratory and radiology staff to maximize their effectiveness. Orders coming from the HIS, patients calling on the phone can all easily and quickly be scheduled to maximize the product time of expensive imaging modalities. Patient demographic information can be added on the fly as the patient is being scheduled.  Reminders, in terms of a primary care setting, is contacting with a patient or caregiver of a patient at a later, specified date to check on their progress regarding a change or action that took place at their last appointment or contact. Contact with patients between office visits can enhance patients’ sense of being cared for by your practice. Studies show that patients appreciate and respond well to follow-up contact.  Establishing a system to reminder patients is also beneficial for the clinic staff.   The additional contact with patients can give staff reassurance that the patients understand what they need to know and do.

Scheduler Module

sLis    Simple user friendly interface designed by radiologists and schedulers to imitate actual call flow.

sLis   Dynamic, user defined values allow for live interface changes matched to specific facility requirements. Users can effortlessly add/change congested periods and modalities.

sLis   Multiple views offered to all schedulers and places or for centralized scheduling installations.

sLis   User defined views and appointment forms can be kept open.

sLis   Automatically select first available time by modality, location, and date range.

sLis   Allows to scan and preview referral letters on the fly in the scheduling database. Allows for reliable report delivery and provides vital marketing information.

Reminder Notes Module

Set Custom Email and Post Reminders

Patients got a lot on their mind, so it’s easy to forget when it’s time to schedule their annual health checkup or an appointment with a specialist. It’s equally difficult to keep track of lab tests that his physician has recommended. That’s why we created our patient email reminder service.

sLis   Pregnancy Reminders

Pregnant women want to do everything possible to ensure the health of their baby while maintaining their own health. With the Reminder Letters Modules you can easily setup Pregnancy Reminder Service that will help provide peace of mind by sending reminder emails.  Pregnant customers receive timely information about important lab tests and helpful tips related to their pregnancy and the health of their baby.

sLis   Regular Checkup Reminders

If the doctor determines that frequent testing is necessary, the Reminder Letter Module can help the patients stay on schedule, whether it’s to monitor a condition or a medicine that they’re taking. Keeping patients’ testing up to date and on time is important and will help them and their doctor to better manage their healthcare.