sLis Enterprise Suite


sLis Enterprise® Suite for Clinical & Radiological Laboratories is the result of systematic research, design and development, based on the long experience and know-how of Infomed IT people in the diagnostic and radiology field.

sLis Enterprise® is a state-of-the-art Information System with the necessary flexibility to support through a user-friendly environment any Laboratory Department.

A highly customizable solution adaptive to the particular requirements and complexity of any laboratory.

Operating as an advanced, fast, powerful, easy to use LIS, provides a unique working environment to all diagnostic departments, from Clinical Chemistry to Haematology, Coagulation, Immunology, Serology, Microbiology, Pathology, Cytology or Molecular Biology, using just one database and assuring the information sharing among all laboratory users. In the same time it is an innovative tool for Quality Control Management across all laboratory sections.

Furthermore, adding the RIS module, which is using the same database with the LIS, healthcare units can take full advantage of the patient-oriented system design, managing their diagnostic laboratory and radiology department all in one, having complete visibility over their operations and procedures.

One major objective of the sLis Enterprise® Suite is to provide workflow improvement across the Lab departments. The data collected during routine activities create the platform for process optimisation. sLis Enterprise® is geared to the achievement of maximum economic effectiveness based on comprehensive cost control combined with long-term planning features.

By using sLis Enterprise®, Laboratories will no longer be “merely” service providers for hospitals, but will rather forge interdisciplinary partnerships at all levels, i.e. with more intensive cooperation between laboratories, requestors and health organisations administrators.

sLis Enterprise® Suite consists a process-optimized framework that supports health professionals in the prompt delivery of their services and the associated documentation but can also help them to minimize the cost and to reorganize the Lab business model with more safety and efficiency, so that they can meet the challenges of change that the future is bound to bring.

Designed and developed with a strong security system – fully covering the requirements and standardization of ISO/IEC 27799 – in order to be directly adapted to all the special information of the health sector and its unique operating environments.

Key Features and Benefits

sLis Enterprise® Suite has been developed by health IT experienced professionals focused to provide extremely easy to use but fully functional applications, following the international standards and innovative technologies, in order to set the laboratory perform in top quality and safety. sLis Enterprise® Suite offers to users, among many others, the following advantages:

sLis Enterprise-wide information management for any laboratory “item”, including scheduled appointments, patients archive, samples tracking, quality control results, results release & delivery, reagents inventory, billing and contract management services

sLis Powerful embedded tools able tosatisfy all user requirements in one integrated environment, without any need for third-party applications. Word-processor, HL7 messenger, advanced report generator, ad-hoc query & report engine, translation tool, form graphical designer, belong to the platform and boost the system configuration and functionality according to the organizational specifications

sLis Time savings and workload reductionsthrough an efficient and convenient user-interface which can be individually configured in accordance with any particular requirements. Comprehensive search functions and short-cut navigation aid to facilitate the processing of routine requests. Practical organisational modifications and a clear process monitoring feature optimise the workflow and eliminate Lab bottlenecks

sLis Cost savings thanks to a flexible and readily customisable system that can be matched to individual user requirements, based on a single IT platform easy to deploy and maintained

sLis Future security thanks to a system developed, in accordance with the very highest technical and user-oriented standards, with a fully graphic interface, the integration of web functionality and the long-term availability of effective control systems

sLis Quality assurance through the incorporation of comprehensive features for quality management, in accordance with guidelines issued by appropriate directives. Comprehensive validation management capability supports the plausibility checking and achieving of dependable results. In the same time the integration of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) will also help to smooth the path to accreditation

sLis All-in-one solution that includes the clinical and radiological laboratory as well as financial data of the patients, using a common database with a single  functionality across the Lab Departments and offering complete visibility over their operations and procedures, taking full advantage of the patient-oriented system design

sLis Seamless multi-site management & true multilingual support allow to have a unified content strategy, a great sharing information capability and an unlimited collaboration across the health organization units, providing access to multiple labs and remote employees or customers.