WEB Information Centre (WIC)


WEB Information Centre (WIC)

sLis Enterprise Web based Laboratory information Centre Module is the link that allows care providers, by using an Internet Browser, to have direct, safe and prompt Enterprise-wide information interchange with the Laboratory. Deploying Web LIC Module zero-print architecture, users external to the Laboratory, have the ability to simplify the knowledge sharing with consolidated laboratory data and information.


sLis   Operates as an integral part of sLis Enterprise Suite

sLis   The requestor-specific configuration data are provided by the main laboratory system

sLis   Secure, zero-footprint, enterprise-wide access and visibility

sLis   Fully customizable ordering panels, based on user needs and specialization

sLis   Common global and Intuitive user interface based on familiar and friendly web design

sLis   Customizable sample labels with barcode, identifying uniquely sample per requestor

sLis   Advanced sample traceability for better patient safety

sLis Laboratory Information Centre WEB pages provide all the necessary tools and facilities, through which the remote Lab user can operate the main functions of his everyday “routine”, that is the order entry via graphical panels, the barcode printing for sample collection, the patients results browsing on screen and the relative reports’ printout, using an easy and friendly interface adapted to his role (sender, doctor, patient)