sLis Enterprise® Suite for Clinical & Radiological Laboratories is the result of systematic research, design and development, based on the long experience and know-how of Infomed IT people in the diagnostic and radiology field.
sLis Enterprise® is a state-of-the-art Information System with the necessary flexibility to support…

<strong>Industrial Labs</strong>

Industrial Labs

Lab@xpert by INFOMED is an Information System for Analytical Laboratories which gives you the ability of data management of your Laboratory in electronic format, easily, in a crystal clear manner, integrating all available technology to collect and process all the information (static or not), produced during its operation…

<strong>Analytical Labs</strong>

Analytical Labs

Lab@link by INFOMED is a is a modern Information System with which you can facilitate your daily work, leaving for the system the time consuming, demanding work of archiving data, recording events and analysis management, implemented in a secure and flexible way, offering a unique tool for optimal handling and…

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