Enterprise® LIS Modules

sLis Enterprise® L.I.S.

Laboratory Information System (LIS)

“the essential needs of the modern Clinical Laboratory”

Before you even start to record in detail these needs, you should definitely have in mind this one. The modern Clinical Laboratory is not anymore just a detached service in one health unit, producing test results and simply return them through a particular process to attendant physicians in order to check the condition of their patients.

It is now, the cornerstone for the production of the most specialized and accurate medical data on which clinicians rely heavily to make critical decisions that govern patient’s diagnosis and treatment.

Laboratory services affect 60 to 70 percent of all critical clinical decisions, such as admission, discharge, and drug therapy and at the same time, Laboratory information is fundamental for the electronic medical record.

To meet such expectations and follow modern methods of operation, Laboratory Information Systems should, inter alia, incorporate functionalities such as to receive or generate test orders, to communicate with modern diagnostic equipment, to monitor and evaluate the quality of their results based on objective methods, to drive physicians in the diagnostic assessment of patient’s results by providing direct access to the historic values and auxiliary rule-based methods such as delta check.

Τhey still need to provide modern methods of automated direct distribution of results with safety and legality, to produce statistical reports assisting audit procedures and dictating Laboratory resource utilization.

They have to enable control and management of Laboratory materials stocks such as reagents and consumables with particular attention to expiration dates and to allow monitoring of storage and subsequent tracking of samples in accordance with those imposed by the laws and the regulatory environment.

Additionally, if the health unit in which they operate is a business organization and needs commercial support, they will still need at least to cover functions such as billing, receipts, contract management with insurance and other organizations and handling of specific pricelists.

Nowadays, all the above functionality is often required to be available in a multi-site environment that will consist of a joined network of laboratories, in geographically distributed locations with need for multilingual support.

It really sounds complicated and certainly is. But it is our job. We serve the health IT market for more than two decades.

For this reason we have designed, developed and we constantly continue to evolve our flagship product, the sLis Enterprise® LIS Module.

A software product that “knows” the requirements and international standards, taking into account the particularities and adapts to the needs of the modern Clinical Laboratory.

Features (LIS)

Using as a pattern the enhanced data management, the clean & adaptive user interface and the strong security system of sLis Enterprise® Platform, the LIS Module incorporates a numerous list of advanced features, giving the appropriate answers to important issues concerning the medical and administrative work procedures of a clinical laboratory department:

  • Quick and simple test ordering, using graphical panels organized by any Lab entity with simultaneous printing of any necessary documents/labels (e.g. barcoded specimen labels, requisition papers, referring letters etc.).
  • Time-scheduled results delivery, defined per order/test.
  • Automatic invoicing per test, based on unlimited pricelists and Insurance Organization’s special contracts and easily adapted to the financial procedures of the organization.
  • Configurable workload analysis and real time monitoring of pending processes.
  • Explicit & robust instrument communications development with easily configurable system parameters
  • Reviewing and confirming results procedures, based on user-defined criteria according to their role, seconded by patient archive, QC results and Delta check methods.
  • Unbounded capabilities on the design and generating of result reports and transmissions.
  • Information and statistics generator of all medical and financial/billing patient data.

Key Benefits

sLis Enterprise® LIS Module is a complete solution. It has been designed and developed by the Infomed software engineer team, which prides in its vast expertise and experience in health informatics market. sLis Enterprise® can help companies to:

  • Improve the procedures and everyday routine operations of Clinical Laboratories, allowing health professionals to easily, promptly and securely handle, archive and distribute any medical and financial data related to the patient.
  • Adapt it to any health unit, from a small private laboratory to a complex, multisite, multilingual clinical laboratory installation.
  • Combine, within the same working environment, the total required functionality and operations from the medical services ordering to the state-of-the-art analyzers’ handling and from the financial-invoicing management to the release and distribution of patients’ results.
  • Fully integrate with HIS/ERP/CIS, using the most common standards of interoperability and reliably adapting the HL7 protocol, using the embedded interfacing application.
  • Provide process efficiency via streamlined, easily configurable data editing & reviewing procedures.
  • Enable enhanced reporting via the embedded report generator and the ad-hoc query builder tool.
  • Incorporate the automatic distribution of results via e-mail and fax server as well as with an advanced mobile application for Android and iOS.
  • Allow remote access via the sLis Enterprise® web module, thus encouraging interactions with referring doctors and senders from any location.
  • Support the accreditation process, establishing organization SOP’s, a full system for sample traceability and storage and a detailed recording of any user action.

sLis Enterprise® L.I.S.

Fully support of modern clinical laboratory’s operations. The L.I.S module workflow engine is flexible to manage the different needs across all clinical laboratory departments including:
Chemistry, Hematology, Coagulation, Urinalysis, Virology, Immunology, Serology, Microbiology, Molecular biology, Flow Cytometry, Anatomic Pathology/ Cytology, Toxicology…


sLis Enterprise® QC

Monitoring and interpretation of internal and external quality control data


sLis Enterprise® Sample Storage

Sample storage management & tracking


sLis Enterprise® R.I.S.

Full support of advanced radiology laboratory operations. The R.I.S module is adaptable to the specifications of different radiology departments and cooperates with any PACS of the market as an integrated solution


sLis Enterprise® Speech Recognition

sLis Enterprise incorporates Globalspeech which relfects our sole motivation and goal


sLis Enterprise® Scheduler & Reminder Notes

Scheduling of appointments, resources management & patients’ follow-up contact


sLis Enterprise® Results Delivery & Messaging Management

Embedded Fax Server & E-mail Server automation for results delivery to the recipients and protocol management


sLis Enterprise® Inventory

Inventory control management for reagents, consumables & other labware products


sLis Enterprise® Invoicing

Issuing invoices/receipts, Billing of the patients

sLis Enterprise® Web

Ordering medical services and reviewing results through a web browser


sLis Enterprise® Mobile

Reviewing patient results through mobile application in Android and iOS