Data Intergration & Analysis Software

Lab@xpert by INFOMED is an Information System for Analytical Laboratories which gives you the ability of data management of your Laboratory in electronic format, easily, in a crystal clear manner, integrating all available technology to collect and process all the information (static or not), produced during its operation.

The technological developments and the implementation of quality assurance systems (ISO, HACCP, etc.) across the full range of modern industrial activities, require the use of an Integrated Management System for the Quality Control (QC) Analytical Laboratories, the Research and Development (R&D) Laboratories, etc.

Integration: The application can connect with the various other analytical systems that a laboratory might use as well as with any ERP system.

Information Sharing: The stored information can be accessed by any authorized user on the network, with classified access and management security levels.

Web & Remote Access:
The system allows remote access of data either directly through a Remote Session or through a Web Browser where the authorized user can access the results by simply using a Web Browser.

Script Interpreter:
An embedded programming tool and application of automated procedures is offered for the optimization of your workflow.

Query Builder:
The user of the application (with the necessary minimum training) can set various queries to the database, without the need of an IT specialist or a computer expert.

Full Feature Reporter:
The printing pages are created with the help of a Reporter Creation Tool that produces the most impressive printouts with the ability to display images, graphics, statistic charts, etc.

Expert Systems Monitors:
The application can use automated procedures control analysis in real time to show control messages / alerts (printing is possible).

Methodologies Integration:
All of the used methods can be recorded and stored in the system and referenced in the printouts in the level of tests and sample type.