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Radiology Speech Recognition

Radiology Speech Recognition Software

“fully integrated with hospital information systems”

GlobalSpeech is an information capturing platform which enables healthcare IT system providers to deliver seamlessly integrated digital dictation and speech recognition capabilities to hospitals, clinics, transcription companies and group practices.

Because we understand how much your work and patient safety depend on accurate information, we always strive to find ways to facilitate every type of reporting use case. sLis Enterprise incorporates Globalspeech which relfects our sole motivation and goal: providing you with professional speech recognition technology that speeds up your radiology reporting while offering high flexibility to customise it to your individual needs.


Deployed at more than 800 sites worldwide.


Globalspeech is seamlessly integrated into sLis Enterprise, enabling the enduser to efficiently capture information within their familiar working environment.

Wide range of applications

Globalspeech records the information from human speech, the text is automatically processed, formatted and then structured into radiology reports or findings - even for small medical practices, hospitals or large hospital groups.

Flexible workflows

Globalspeech allows the user to choose their preferred and most efficient worklflow to capture radiology information — switch between frontend and backend recognition when required or use both.

Across the World

Globalspeech supports the largest language portfolio in hemedical industry with 18 recognition languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Catalan, Swedish, Danish, Dutch, Portuguese, Finnish, Flemish, Italian, Hungarian, Slovenian, Greek, Serbian, Polish, Chinese (Mandarin).


sLis Enterprise® L.I.S.

Fully support of modern clinical laboratory’s operations. The L.I.S module workflow engine is flexible to manage the different needs across all clinical laboratory departments including:
Chemistry, Hematology, Coagulation, Urinalysis, Virology, Immunology, Serology, Microbiology, Molecular biology, Flow Cytometry, Anatomic Pathology/ Cytology, Toxicology…


sLis Enterprise® QC

Monitoring and interpretation of internal and external quality control data


sLis Enterprise® Sample Storage

Sample storage management & tracking


sLis Enterprise® R.I.S.

Full support of advanced radiology laboratory operations. The R.I.S module is adaptable to the specifications of different radiology departments and cooperates with any PACS of the market as an integrated solution


sLis Enterprise® Speech Recognition

sLis Enterprise incorporates Globalspeech which relfects our sole motivation and goal


sLis Enterprise® Scheduler & Reminder Notes

Scheduling of appointments, resources management & patients’ follow-up contact


sLis Enterprise® Results Delivery & Messaging Management

Embedded Fax Server & E-mail Server automation for results delivery to the recipients and protocol management


sLis Enterprise® Inventory

Inventory control management for reagents, consumables & other labware products


sLis Enterprise® Invoicing

Issuing invoices/receipts, Billing of the patients

sLis Enterprise® Web

Ordering medical services and reviewing results through a web browser


sLis Enterprise® Mobile

Reviewing patient results through mobile application in Android and iOS