Our Vision

Today healthcare providers are faced with increasing challenges driven by technology - enabling ever more cure, more demanding patients, high demands, governmental and insurance regulations and limited budgets.

Our continuous focus is to provide exceptionally easy-touse but fully functional applications, in accordance with international standards and the most innovative technologies, so as to achieve top quality lab performance whilst increasing patient safety and efficiency.

We strongly believe that our customers’ satisfaction will be achieved through the combination of a strong and stable information system and the high level of our services and commitment to deliver. INFOMED C.S. always listens to the customer’s considerations and adapts to their suggestions, creating the solutions best suited to their specific environment.

Our Modus Operandi

Infomed does not simply provide its customers with a coherent, all-encompassing medical lab software environment.

We adapt our products to each customer’s particular needs and goals. We offer meticulous, effective, lucid consultancy.

We visit the customer’s facilities and take note of how their system works.

Furthermore, we take their particular needs and wishes into consideration and adapt our products accordingly, to come up with a highly- customized environment that fully meets their requirements.

We offer on-the-job training, ensuring that the customer’s personnel have familiarized themselves with the software’s particular features. We do not just provide a product that is fully functional and greatly helpful: we help our customers learn how to use it to the full extent of its abilities.