Laboratory Information & Management System

Lab@link by INFOMED is a modern Information System with which you can facilitate your daily work, leaving for the system the time consuming, demanding work of archiving data, recording events and analysis management, implemented in a secure and flexible way, offering a unique tool for optimal handling and monitoring procedures for your laboratory.

As the technological changes and the use of Certifications are imposed on analytical procedures and methods of an Analytical Laboratory, there is an increasing demand for an laboratory integrated management system.

  • Easy customer and samples registration to the system
  • Simple, fast and easy entry of analytical parameters for each sample.
  • Automatic or manual production of all necessary sample accompaniments (eg sampling sheets, barcode, etc.)
  • For each sample that is entered to the system, there is a “received” flag in order to detect samples that have not been received yet.
  • Protocol and Worklist printing with selection criteria.
  • Easy Pending management

The system allows the automatic sending of the samples to the analyzers or manual execution of the samples.

  • Automatic collection of the sample’s results from the analyzers or manual registration of the results.
  • Entry / validation of the results depending on the User-level
  • Massive or selective registration of the results
  • Immediate access to the analysis history of each sample
  • Easy searching of Analysis Orders per date, customer or in aggregate
  • Sending the results by email or fax automatically