Our Customers

INFOMED C.S. currently has more than 800 active LIS / LIMS / RIS operating sites, ranging from small private laboratories to large hospital organizations.

Our clinical and radiology laboratory solutions serve hospitals and diagnostic centres around the world, in many cases managing over 5000 requisitions/orders per day/per site.

Making the most of the functionality and the flexibility of our multilingual application, we have successfully provided multi-site laboratory organisations with complicated structure have offered solutions in cases where competition found it hard to offer any solutions whatsoever.

The Key to our success

What good is innovative technology without smooth delivery? Taking advantage of our product features and benefits, as well as Infomed’s passion & dedication to deliver upon and beyond expectations, we improve quality, safety, and efficiency, leading to optimal healthcare outcomes, with short implementation cycles and committed delivery dates. Easy to install, our software includes all needed add-ons and communication tools.